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Eazyzap glue trap

€82,87 €70,18 Incl. BTW
€68,49 €58,00 Excl. BTW
Article number: H18 025
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The Eazyzap glue trap is a silent and discreet solution for improving hygiene in catering establishments. Using infrared lighting and ultra-tacky glue plates, the Electric Fly Killer attracts and safely traps flying insects against a strong adhesive replaceable plate - effectively preventing them from escaping.

The clever design is very different from a zapper - not only is there no tell-tale 'zap' when an insect is caught, there is also no chance of any insect debris being ejected from the unit. This makes the Eazyzap a great alternative option for front-of-house or food preparation areas. Simply change the board when needed - no mess, no hassle.

Note: Self-adhesive glue board needs to be replaced about once a month.

Dimensions: 23,6 x 12,2 x 32,5(h) cm
Current: 220-240V  
Range: 50 m2
Equipped with: 1x 13W UV-Lampe
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