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Who doesn't honor the small

In addition to the larger appliances in your kitchen, you also need various smaller appliances and materials to prepare your guests' orders as perfectly as possible. You can have a very large oven, but if you don't have oven gloves or oven cloths, it will be very difficult to remove your prepared dish from the oven. Or you have an ideal workbench, but you don't have any knives or cutting boards to cut your vegetables. In short, without the small appliances and tools you will not get far in your nicely furnished kitchen. Baking and Cooking has a wide range of materials and tools that are needed in every kitchen, such as knives, cutting boards, pans and much more. Take a quick look at Baking and Cooking for the entire range.

Is the requested product not on our webshop? Then contact one of our employees. They will assist you further with your specific request.

Cutting without worrying

Cutting boards are indispensable in every kitchen. You can of course simply cut on your nice workbench, but that is a shame. Cutting boards are made for cutting, so it is advisable to use it as well. Baking and Cooking has various sizes and color cutting boards for every application. Each color has its own characteristic according to the HACCP rules. For example, blue cutting boards are made for cutting fish and yellow cutting boards are for poultry. The products describe which color is suitable for which application.

If you are still having problems, please contact one of our employees. They can help you further with your application.

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