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Pie machine



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Little Champion Products up to 200 mm diameter
Medium Champion Products up to 295 mm diameter

These machines can work with most types of containers; Metal, Aluminium Foil, Paper, and Card. Shapes can be round,oval, rectangular or irregular.

We specialise in manufacturing die equipment to suit customers requirements. We have excellent facilities to make unique designs that help customers market their products.

Compressed air release system
This simple but very effective system can be fitted to most of our machines, indeed they are fitted as standard on the AM300, AL400 and 8 Station range of machines. Also the AutoChampion. Compressed air is fed through a spring loaded valve on the face of the forming die. The air pressure can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the die in question. Different types of pastry, size of container, depth of container, ambient temperature - all can have an effect. By adjusting the pressure and/or the temperature of the die an efficient release can be obtained.

The air system fulfills two purposes. Firstly it helps release the container. Secondly (particularly with aluminium foil, card, or paper containers - it prevents the underside of the container from being distorted through suction. It holds the base of the container flat, which obviously improves the baking characteristics. (If you look at the underside of many baked products you will see that it has been “concaved”. If you take the product out of the container - you will see that it has not baked properly)

Container ejection system
This is another clever, useful and very productive system that can be fitted to most of our machines. This can be compressed air assisted or operated by cam or spring loading. This system raises the container from out of the supporting base to make it easy for the operator to remove. It increases productivity by up to 10%.

The purposes of these systems are twofold. Firstly they increase the efficiency of the machines by making the operatives job easier and quicker. Secondly they enable the machines to operate effectively with types of containers where previously this was either not possible, inefficient or the finished product was of substandard quality.

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