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Pans/Roasting pan

Pans/Roasting pan

Indispensable in every kitchen, the pan. But every kitchen needs various types of pans, such as a stew pot or a frying pan. In addition, every cook has a preference for which pan he prefers to use, such as a stainless steel pan or an enamelled pan. The world of pans in itself is already a very extensive one and we therefore understand that sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. If you are looking for a pan, think carefully about what you prefer to work with, what material and on what type of stove you cook and then make your choice.

In addition to the standard pans, there are also pans for various dishes or for a slightly different way of cooking, such as a paella pan or a wok.

Baking and Cooking has a diverse range of pans, take a look and choose the pan that suits you best.

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