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Dough processing

Dough processing

Dough processing, there is a lot involved.

Before a bread can be baked, the dough must first rise. Professional bakers therefore often work with a proofing cabinet where, depending on the type of bread, the ideal temperature and humidity can be regulated. The dough basket is an ideal tool for smaller production or sourdough bread. In combination with a dough-basket basket of cloth, the dough can rise slowly until it is ready to go into the oven.

For baguettes and pistolets, dough rugs are also often used, these are lightly sprinkled with flour and placed on the rug in such a way that the pieces of dough do not stick together and can be cut into the oven with a dough knife to get the classic shape.

Rolls can also be given a special shape with the help of a dough press, the most famous of these is of course the Kaiser roll. But with us you will also find other forms such as a face, a sun or a print of a football.

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