The power of black

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The power of black: disposable gloves in the food industry



Disposable gloves are indispensable in environments where hygiene plays a crucial role, such as healthcare, the food industry, the car industry, the hospitality industry, laboratories and agriculture and horticulture. Its use is part of the HACCP procedure. Often different colors are used for different zones or activities (color coding). This reduces the chance of cross-contamination. In addition, colors make us more aware of the importance of preventing the spread of bacteria.


White and transparent gloves are actually used as standard, especially in healthcare. Blue is a commonly used color in the food industry. If a glove gets into the food during the production process, it will stand out quickly and the glove can be removed quickly. In this way, a complete batch of products does not have to be destroyed. Black gloves are increasingly being used by people who process food. Previously it was only tattoo artists who used black gloves. Black provides a feeling of exclusivity and - more importantly - remains of ink and blood are not visible on it. For the same reasons, black gloves are also ideal in, for example, the hospitality industry, in kitchens and butchers or at caterers. On a white glove, spots immediately catch the eye. Customers therefore think that they do not work hygienically. A black glove combines good hygiene with a more luxurious appearance and ensures that food residues are not visually disturbing.


The advantage of nitrile over latex is that nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals, liquids, oils and fats. In addition, nitrile is a good alternative for people with latex allergies. Soft nitrile gloves offer, in addition to high wearing comfort and optimum protection, also extra tactile feel.

The CMT soft nitrile gloves are ideal for coming into contact with food and are also available in black . Do you want to work hygienically and at the same time make a good impression on your customers? Then consider using black soft nitrile gloves!

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