Choosing your dishwasher goes hand in hand with the size of your company

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If you are looking for a professional dishwasher and if you want to purchase one then you have plenty of choice. The most suitable machine is determined by the core of the business activities. For one company a front loader is sufficient, but others end up with a transfer machine or even larger.

If you want to estimate which type of dishwasher best suits your company, it is advisable to look at the dishes that must be washed. What do the dishes consist of, what material, how many dishes and how many baskets should be washed? In addition, the time in which these dishes must be washed must be determined. Another important point is the place where washing is done, is there enough work space, can a dishwasher be connected? There are also additional requirements, such as a dishwasher with energy recovery or special washing programs.

We will provide a description below about the front loader and the transfer machine and a number of points for consideration when purchasing a dishwasher.


Front loaders

For smaller items up to around 30 to 40 seats, a front loader can do well, depending on the total dishes of course. Working with a front loader is more intensive than with a transfer machine, because the basket must be taken in and out of the machine, which can be a considerable burden for the employee. In addition, washing in a front loader takes more time, to shorten this somewhat and to work more efficiently, it is recommended to work with several baskets which can be prepared to be introduced into the front loader. Front loaders are available in 230 Volt and 400 Volt, with 400 Volt being advised because of the speed of the machine. If it really can't be otherwise, people will have to settle for a 230 Volt machine.


Pass-through machines

If it is a medium or large business, the transfer machine is recommended. The possibilities are extremely large, which means that prices also vary from € 2,500 to € 20,000. The better pass-through machines start at around € 6,000 and for larger items with more capacity this is around € 8,000. In large cases it can be useful to place two push-through machines next to each other in which one machine does the pre-wash and the other machine does the main wash. Threshing machines are also available that remove the dirt from the machine and with which the prewash main wash and rinse can be done in a round.


Points to consider when purchasing a dishwasher

  1. For a case of 30 to 40 seats, a front loader is just fine.
  2. Buy extra baskets from a front loader for a faster and more efficient process.
  3. Choose a machine on high-voltage current, only take 230 Volts if it really cannot be otherwise.
  4. For a medium / large business (larger than 40 places), a pass-through machine is the best solution.
  5. Cheaper machines make more noise, give off a lot of heat and use more energy. Choose a double-walled model rather than a single-walled model.
  6. Connect the dishwasher to hot water, which saves time and money.
  7. To achieve lower operational costs, less soap consumption, better washing results and a longer machine life, choose a water softener.
  8. Do you use a lot of glasses? Then a separate glass washing machine is recommended.


Water softener

Dishwasher manufacturers also recommend using a water softener. A clear scale can already be visible within a short time. In addition, a small amount of limescale deposits on the heating elements can already result in more energy consumption. A water softener ensures that the operational costs are lower, less soap is used, washing results are better and the life of the machine is longer.


Are you not completely out yet, do you have any questions, or is the suitable model not on our webshop? Then contact one of our employees. They can help you with your questions, help you make the right choice that matches your wishes or find out if the right model is available for your business.

If you have a clear picture of which machine is best for your business, take a quick look at the range of dishwashers and order the right dishwasher so that you can start washing your dishes as quickly as possible.

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