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Scales / timers

Measuring is knowing!

For the preparation of every dish or product to be baked, the combination of ingredients in the correct proportions is important. If the proportions are incorrect, there is a good chance that your dish or batter / dough will fail. All ingredients can be accurately weighed with the correct (digital) scale. At Baking & Cooking you will find CAS and Riba weighing machines, two top brands that are widely used in the professional bakery market.

The scales are equipped with a tare key with which the weight can be tared, this means that after placing a mixing bowl, for example, you can reset the weight to 0 to more easily add the correct weight of ingredients.

Calibrated devices

It is important to know that when a scale is in the store or used to calculate prices, the weighing machine is always required to have a calibration certificate. When purchasing a new device you can indicate this with your order. In addition, on request, we can have our partner perform an annual check that will keep your certificate valid for another year, contact us for this.


In addition to the right ingredients, the temperature is also very important. At Baking & Cooking we have a wide range of thermometers. From a simple plug-in thermometer that is suitable for the hobby cook or baker to professional measuring material from the EBRO brand. The Ebro temperature meters can be supplied in various models such as plug-in thermometers with a cable or fixed sensor and infrared thermometers. In addition to the temperature meters, you can also come to us for refractometers to measure the sugar content or Réaumur thermometers.

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