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The core at the heart of the hospitality business

For a large part of the catering business, the kitchen is the heart of the organization. Just as the human heart keeps the body running, the kitchen keeps the hospitality business running. If the kitchen does not work optimally, the hospitality company will perform less and that is disastrous. In order to keep the kitchen running properly, good equipment is needed in addition to good staff to prepare all dishes. A combi steamer or a grill is indispensable in every kitchen, as well as a lot of other equipment. Baking and Cooking has a wide range of equipment that helps to keep the heart of the hospitality business going. Take a look at Baking and Cooking for the complete range of equipment.

If you are looking for a specific device, please contact one of our employees, who can see if the device can be delivered.


The combisteamer is an ideal working partner in the kitchen. In addition to an oven function, this appliance also has a steam function, which ensures that food is heated without loss of taste, odor and vitamins. A combisteamer is easy to operate and you can enter data such as temperature and time exactly. You can therefore specify exactly how you want a dish to be prepared. With a combi steamer you have a wide range of options and cooking techniques. Take a combisteamer into your home and choose quality and convenience in your kitchen.

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