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Edhard PV-4001 Power Base RVS

€12.098,79 €9.678,79 Incl. BTW
€9.999,00 €7.999,00 Excl. BTW
Article number: G13 503
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Dosing machine
Brand: Edhard
Fashion model: MKV with variable speed
Performance: Stainless steel
Connection: 240 volts
Consumption: 186.4 watts


To be used in combination with: F F P a

The PV series gives the user complete control over the speed at which a product is dispensed (which is not possible with single-speed drive units), the speed to be dosed, the possibility to adjust the vacuum of the pump after each cycle, automatic cycle and continuous dosing. The ability to control all these functions expands the amount of product applications.

Normal cycle:
The quantity of product to be delivered can be set in advance with the digital control panel. When the switch arm is pressed, the drive unit will complete a cycle. This means: delivering the pre-set dosing quantity, stopping and then turning the gears back.

Vacuum is required to withdraw the product after the teaching cycle has been completed, preventing subsequent dripping. Vacuum can be set to meet specific requirements.

Automatic cycle:
This function eliminates the need to constantly press the switch arm during multi-cycle applications. In this function, the dosing quantity to be delivered and the waiting time can be set to meet a specific requirement. The automatic cycle eliminates operator fatigue and improves productivity with repetitive, long-term tasks.

Continuous dosing:
When this function is selected, the operator determines whether a remote starting device, such as a photoelectric switch, starts and stops the pump action. This function is useful when a continuous flow of product is dosed on a conveyor belt or manually via a dosing hose attachment.

Parts needed for the Power Base:
View the exploded view here and e-mail the desired parts via [email protected] or by calling +31 (0) 165 - 31 63 41

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