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Baguette tray KG-Flon 704 Green

€127,05 Incl. BTW
€105,00 Excl. BTW
Article number: G11 237
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Baguette tray
Size: 800 x 600 mm
Channels: 6 long channels
Material: Aluminium
Frame: Round tube for extra stability
Coating: KG-Flon 704 Green

Baguette tray 600 x 800 mm with 6 rows on the long side. Made with a round tube to reinforce the tray. These trays are coated with KG-Flon 704 Green.

The coating has a very good non-stick effect and extraordinary durability. KG-Flon 704 was specifically developed for the extreme rigours of deployment in industrial bakeries. Owing to this coating’s unique properties, it is very frequently used in tin loaf systems, automated baguette and bread roll systems, as well as special trays.

  Uncoated KG-Flon 300 KG-Flon 704
Non-stick property: - 3,5 4,5
Abrasion resistance: - 3 4,5
Diffusion resistance: - 3 4
Colour: - black green
Temperature resistance: -30 °C to + 270 °C -30 °C to + 270 °C -30 °C to + 270 °C


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